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Peru is in South America located near Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. This this is a listing of free public wifi hotspots in Peru are available to travelers, backpackers, adventurers and globe travelers.

[edit] Lima

Locations of free wifi

  • Four locations in Jesus Maria for free public wifi - Plaza San José, Plaza Andrés Avelino Cáceres, Parque Huiracocha and the Casa de la Juventud. Article
  • You can use public WiFi in all Magdalena District due to the strong signal offered by the City Hall but it's so good as a private one close to Brasil Ave around 32 block and in open places like the Malecon Grau and the parks nearby. It's 24 hours, 7 days for your pleasure.
  • PRETTY HOUSE HOSTEL In Lima, Peru. Wifi, computers, fax, guest kitchen, mini gym. Phone: 051-1-4609358, email:, website
  • Starbucks near Ovalo Gutierrez Ovalo Gutierrez, Lima, Peru
  • Starbucks at 25 De Mayo, Lima, Peru
  • Starbucks at Av De Las Artes Norte, Lima, Peru‎
  • Starbucks at Monterrico, Lima, Peru
  • Starbucks at Camacho, Lima, Peru‎
  • Starbucks at Alonso De Molina, Lima, Peru
  • Starbucks at Javier Prado, Lima, Peru
  • Starbucks at 1205 Av Raul Ferrero, Lima, Peru
  • Starbucks at Guillermo Prescott, Lima, Peru
  • Parque Kennedy Schell nearby Universidad de Piura
  • Free wifi access throughout the Lima airport
  • Casa de la Juventud, near the corner at Leoncido Prado and Velarde.

Internet and Cyber Cafes

  • Cabinas Dragonfans at Calle Tarata 230, Miraflores, Av Grau 909 - Barranco * Av Arequipa 2440 - Lince * Res San Felipe C/ Sta Isabel - Jesus Maria. Phone: 511-4211462.
  • Cinco Continentes at Calle Los Canarios 110 La Molina Lima Peru. Phone: 5113480792.
  • South American Explorer's Club (SAEC) at Casilla 3714Lima 100, Peru. Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time.
  • Cybersandeg at De la union Street 853 office 112 ground floor Lima, Peru 0051. Open 8.30am - 10 pm.
  • Cybercafe Amrelo at 395 Jorge Basadre, San Isidro, Lima Peru. Phone: 511 442 07 91.
  • L@bNet at Manuel Moncloa 2886 cercado de lima frente a la ciudad universitaria de san marcos. Url:
  • Cabina Latino Net at Av. Wilson 1132 Oficina 229 Centro Histórico de Lima Cruce con Av. Wilson y Av. Uruguay. Phone: (511)428-0320.
  • Hostal Familiar Mami Panchita at Avenida Federico Gallesi 198, Lima, Peru. Phone: 511-263-7203.
  • Global Internet at Jr. de la Union 853 Galerias Boza Tda. Nº119Centro Historico de Lima. 8:30am - 10:30pm

[edit] Cusco, Peru

Locations of free wifi

  • Casa Andina Classic – Cusco San Blas‎ (hotel) 278 Chihuampata, Cusco, Peru, phone: 84 26 3694‎
  • Rumi Punku E.i.r.l.‎ (hotel) Choquechaca, Cusco (Cusco), Perú‎, phone: 4 22 1102‎
  • Casa Andina Classic Cusco Plaza‎ (hotel) Santa Catalina Angosta, Cusco (Cusco) CUSCO, Perú‎, phone: 484 23 1733‎
  • Torre Dorada Residencial E.I.R.L.‎ (hotel) Los Cipreses Mz. N Lt. 5, Cusco, Perú‎, phone: 84 24 1698‎
  • Inversiones Inkarri E.I.R.L.‎ (hotel) Collacalle, Cusco, Perú‎, phone: 84 24 2692‎
  • Salcedo Guerra Marlon Edwin‎ (hotel) Nueva Baja, Cusco, Perú‎, phone: 84 23 4310‎
  • Mister Inkas II‎ (hotel) Av. Manco Capac, 420 - Wanchaq, Cusco (Cusco) CUSC01, Perú‎, phone: 84 24 2026‎

Internet/Cyber Cafe Locations

  • SPEED X at TECSECOCHA 400. Email: Telephone: 0051+84+247373
  • CBC Cyber Cafe at none. Email:, url Hours: 2, 8:00-1:00 pm 3:00-6:00 pm. Telephone: 0051-84-236494
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